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What Is Bakugan?

Bakugan started life as an animated TV series about creatures called ‘Bakugan’ and their owners, who do brawls with them.  The Bakugan Toys  is  now been turned into a  game for kids to play so they can have (safe!) brawls with their friends.

How Do You Play Bakugan?

There are a couple of ways to play but we’ve stuck with the simplest method so far and it works for us. Arlo is 5 and Athena is 6 and they both got the hang of these rules pretty quickly though Arlo needs help with the adding.


Each player chooses 3 BakuBalls and  sets them in place at the edge of the arena, with their corresponding cards in the card slots.

The magnetic BakuCores are then placed in the centre of the arena on top of the pattern, making sure  at least one side is touching  another one.

Then the fun starts,  at the same time each player rolls their first BakuBall into the area attempting to land on a BakuCore, which will trigger the BakuBall to open and turn into a Bakugan!

If just one player’s ball opens they win the round. If both open then then you add together the B number on the card matching the creature and add that to the number on the BaukCore hexagon that it will be attached to by a magnet.

The highest number wins.  If nobody opens then brawl again. It sounds a bit complicated but the kids picked it up super fast.

The winning BakuBall from each  round is displayed open, and the first person to get three open is the Brawl winner!

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