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7 Books Every Indian Child Must Read

In a world where screens and video games are replacing books and storytellers, it is important to try and inculcate a reading habit in children.

However, with the workload of school and the time dedicated to extra-curricular activities, there’s not always time for you to nurture a reading habit in your child.

So to help you pick some of the best books for your child, here is a list of books which will help shape them in great ways.

Short Stories From Panchatantra 


A timeless compilation of 101 moral Stories from Panchatantra that have been a part of the Indian folklore for centuries.

Delightfully narrated, with animals and birds often being the central characters, these tales continue to enchant young readers even today.

Its large and vibrant illustrations will transport you to a world where young readers are guided about the wise conduct of life, human nature and attaining success in life.

The Gita (Amar Chitra Katha)

geeta book


The Gita or The Bhagavad Gita is a philosophical exposition that was presented by Lord Krishna. It is in the form of a dialogue between Krishna and his close friend Arjuna.

This conversation took place in the middle of a battlefield with the two sides arrayed for war.

The Gita (Amar Chitra Katha) is a comic book presentation of the work and is at an introductory level appropriate for younger readers.

Amar Chitra Katha is a popular comic book series in India, and it mainly presents tales from Indian epics, the Puranas, and classical works.

The Gita (Amar Chitra Katha) presents the profound philosophy of the Bhagawad Gita at a basic level for young readers.

The script writers had the help of Sri Chinmayananda and His Holiness Swami Ranganathananda in deciding what to include and how to present it.

The philosophy of the Gita draws on older works like the Upanishads. The Gita provides a crisp and practical philosophy that is very flexible in allowing for many interpretations.

As this might cause confusion in young readers, The Gita (Amar Chitra Katha) sticks to a fundamental presentation, allowing the readers to explore further on their own if they are interested.

Amar Chitra Katha Private Limited published this book in paperback in 19

Attractive comic book format makes it easy for young readers to read and understand.

A nine page introductory coverage explains the backstory and the situation to young readers to help them understand the context.

Malgudi Days 

  • book malgudi days
  • The book Malgudi Days is a collection of short stories written by R.K. Narayan and published by Indian Thought Publications in India in the year 1943.
  • Outside India the book was republished by Penguin Classics in 1982. Malgudi days is a collection of 32 fictional stories set in a small beautiful town called Malgudi in South India. Every story is based on the problems faced by nation in general during that era.
  • The Malgudi Days story has been applauded round the world. Actor and director, Late Shankar Nag had directed the televised series of stories of Malgudi Days in 1986. Film-maker Kavitha Lankesh has redirected the series which was telecasted in 2006.
  • The Malgudi Days series was very popular, do read the book and got to know more about it. Powerful, magical portraits of all kinds of people and comprising stories written over almost forty years, Malgudi Days presents Narayan’s imaginary city vividly.
  • On R. K. Narayan’s 108th birthday Google commemorated by featuring a Google Doodle showing him behind a copy of Malgudi Days in 2014.About the author:R. K. Narayan (1906–2001), born and educated in India, was the author of fourteen novels, numerous short stories and essays, a memoir and three retold myths.
  • His work, championed by Graham Greene, who became a close friend, was often compared to that of Dickens, Chekhov, Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor, among others. October 10, 2006, was the centennial of Narayan’s birth.

    The History of India for Children

  • There were ostriches in India.Gold was dug up in the Himalayas by animals.Coins of Greek rulers in India showed Krishna wearing Greek clothes.Ethiopian military slaves founded kingdoms across India.

    Jump into an action-packed history of India told like never before. Discover our incredible heritage and uncover delightful nuggets about our grand old country. Travel through time and see how people lived, why things happened and how we came to be what we are.

    Written by BBC Mastermind ‘Champion of Champions’ Archana Garodia Gupta and history-geek Shruti Garodia, this volume spans the ages from the dawn of humans until the Delhi and Deccan sultanates, and tells the story of India’s rulers and invaders, traders and architects, sculptors and poets, scientists and innovators, farmers and businessmen, and millions and millions of just ordinary, everyday men and women.

    With a chatty style, simple explanations and well-rounded coverage, this is the definitive Indian history in two volumes for young readers. Filled with photographs, illustrations, activities and quotable facts, this is one retelling of history you don’t want to miss.

  • Krishna The Adorable God-Indian Mythology

  • Who doesn’t love the antics of Krishna, and who isn’t scared of Shiva wrath! Why not introduce kids to Indian mythology and gods and goddesses through these large print books and see how they roll their eyes in wonder and awe!
  • The Illustrated Stories Of Akbar and Birbal: Classic Tales From India

  • The stories of ‘Akbar and Birbal’ are the most cherished folklores of India that have been passed from one generation to another, enthralling both young and adult readers.
  • This book is a beautifully illustrated compilation of several tales of wit and wisdom, built upon the themes of loyalty and friendship.
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