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The Palm Smartphone

The Palm Smartphone  is back with a tiny phone that’s designed to get you to spend less time with your mobile devices. But the finished product doesn’t quite deliver.

Palm heard that you were worried that you’ve been staring at your smartphone screen too much lately. So, to help you use your phone less, Palm went ahead and built you a second, smaller phone to carry around.


It sounds silly when put that way, but there’s actually a decent idea at work here. There are times when you want to be in the moment, free from your smartphone’s digital grip, but you still need a way to make phone calls, get urgent messages and send emails when absolutely necessary.

Why not leave your main smartphone at home in favor of a secondary device that can do all those things, while remaining small and slender enough to stay out of sight and, hopefully, out of mind?

Give the makers of the new Palm credit: They’ve certainly created a device that’s compact enough to fit neatly into a pocket and never appear again until you really need to use your phone. Unfortunately, this Palm packs enough

frustrations that when you do pull the phone out of your pocket, you’re likely to regret it.

SUPCASE Palm Case, (Unicorn Beetle Style )




Palm Case, Unicorn Beetle Style Series

Hybrid Protective Clear Case

Colour – Black

Technical Details

Additional Information

Palm Smartphone price in India

The Palm Smartphone price in India started from 5000 to 25000  rupees approximately  ( prices may be change in various conditions in time to time)


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