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Best Tripod Stand for Mobile and Cameras

Tripod Stand for Mobiles

Nowadays, most people use their smartphones to capture the most high-quality images and videos. This is done using the best tripod  stand for mobile phones that allow stable and clear photos and videos.
Tripods allow even amateur photographers and videographers to make professional content using their smartphones.

If you are thinking about making videos for social media, then you should know how to purchase a camera  and then check the tripods that are mentioned here.

Here in this article, we have curated for you, a list of the best mobile tripod along with the features, prices and other details, that will help you in making the right purchase for yourself.

When you are out there to purchase the Best Smartphone Tripods, Stands & Mounts it is important to note that one needs to understand all the aspects and features of the tripod so as to ensure that the correct purchase is made.

Here in this article, we will share with you all the details and information about Tripod For Mobile Phones that are useful and very easy to use and operate. You will get to know all their specifications and prices as well

f you are looking to purchase tripods for your mobile phones then here are some of the best that we have selected that could prove to be very useful for you.

These are curated on the basis of their features and prices and all of them are very easily available online for purchase on Amazon and Flipkart

Without further ado, let us have a look at the best tripod stands for mobile phones in India and their detailed review.

Marklif Mini Aluminum Alloy Tripod Stand

 The Marklif Mini Aluminum Alloy Tripod Stand is a tripod mobile holder that can be easily used to hold mobile phones to capture images and videos. This is very easy to use mobile tripod mount stand that allows users to capture images from different angles.

It is the perfect tripod for those who use their smartphones for their photography as it holds the phone very easily on itself.

This tripod is most suitable to hold smartphones for photography and videography.It has a bubble level indicator.The tripod also supports swivel, pan and tilt motion.It has four-section legs which are extendable.

Best Tripod For Mobile in India

1.Simpex Camera Tripod LW 630 Professional Aluminium Tripod with Mobile Clip and Carry Bag

Tripod stand for Mobile


This tripod features bubble heads to accommodate horizontal positions suitable for macro and professional photography.
It is compatible with video cameras, digital cameras, Go Pro devices, smartphone adapters, and telescopes.
The ritual is fitted with non-slip rubber feet with aluminum alloy legs that include three flip up locks to adjust the height of each leg in seconds.

Closed height: 570 mm; Payload: 5 kg; Rasta fluid pan head; Quick release plate; Double bubble level; Attached with hooks; Quick release leg locks; Non-slip adjustable rubber feet
Includes Simpex Camera Tripod LW 630 Professional Aluminum Tripod, Carry Bag, Cell Phone Clip for Smart Phone Holding

2.SHYLOC 18 Inches Big LED Ring Light for Photo and Video with Tripod Stand Compatible with Camera and Smartphones

Tripod stand for MobilesTripod stand for Mobiles


HANDS FREE AND EXTRA HOLDERS: Fasten this tripod to any table / desk / bed and rotate it at any angle to free your hands. It will be more convenient for you to watch shows or make videos on the phone.

DIMMABLE: Multiple brightness settings to get just the right look. Just choose from 3-light mode and customize the brightness 3 colors lighting: white, warm yellow and warm white.

Multi-use: With its selfie ring light, as a cell phone holder, you will be able to make videos at night or take stunning selfies in dark areas, it is a professional tool for making live video with smartphone or computer. Perfect for extra light makeup, selfies, video calls / chat, and live streams on YouTube, face book, live music, Twitter, snap chat, face time and more. As a reading lamp, it is environmentally friendly, safe and friendly for your eyes.

Easy to install: It’s easy to power control on / off the tripod cord or switch for the lighting you want.

Stability: With our enhanced 360 rotations, it keeps your phone hooked up, the selfie ring light can provide more support to your phone to create amazing videos with static capture. The flexible arm allows you to adjust your phone at any direction and angle, as you need it.

3.SUBTON Photography Tripod Camera Stand 7 feet with 360 Degree Horizontal and Vertical Rotation Ball Head and Mobile Holder for Camera, DSLR

Tripod stand for MobileTripod stand for mobiles


Stand with a 7-ball tripod tilt pan ball with this Tripos rotate 360 ​​degrees up and down. It will give you the best experience.
In this, the mobile phone holder provided in the package. Now use this tripod stand for your mobile phone to make video clips and photoshoots.
Compatible with light, camera, DSLR, GoPro, projector, speakers and other devices with universal mounting thread
Metal alloy for ultra strong, metal alloy
Make in India
360 degree horizontal and vertical rotation

Tripod Stand For Camera

1.Syvo WT 3130 Aluminum Tripod (50-Inch), Universal Lightweight Tripod with Mobile Phone Holder Mount & Carry Bag for All Smart Phones, Gopro, Cameras

tripod for cameratripod for camera

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: Weighs just over a pound. Extends to 22″, 30″, 40″ and 50″. Minimum Height: 16″. Carrying case included.

UNIVERSAL CELLPHONE HOLDER: Easy attachment & padded grip to avoid cellphone damage / Adjustable phone adapter fits all phone with a maximum stretch width of 3.4″.

LEVEL INDICATOR: Built-in bubble view levels and 3-way head to allow for tilt and swivel motion; portrait or landscape options.

WIDELY COMPATIBLE: Compatible with all video cameras, digital cameras, still cameras, projector, GoPro devices, smart phone adapters, and scopes.

3-Section, Lever-Lock Legs: Uneven terrain? Need to frame the shot just so? The tripod effortlessly accommodates custom set-ups thanks to its lever-lock legs, each with three extendable sections.     

2.DIGITEK Gorilla Tripod/Mini (12 Inch) Tripod for Mobile Phone with Phone Mount & Remote | Flexible Gorilla Stand for DSLR & Action Cameras (DTR 260 GT)

Tripod stand for cameraTripod Camera


Heavy Duty: Gorilpod mobile tripod is made of high quality ABS. It has a much heavier duty product as compared to other plastic based camera tripods which gives it a longer life.

Ensuring that your mobile phone, camera, phone, DSLR and tripod stand are protected with very safe use. With this, shooting in difficult conditions and environments gives you peace of mind that everything will be safe.

Rotating Area: An Anodised finishing rotating field in tripod for mobile or gorilla tripods ensures that you get a great load carrying capacity for your dslr camera, mobile tripod and GoPro tripod.

With a precise angle lock, it ensures that your phone can take pictures at steep angles. Do what you want and stay in that angle as long as necessary. Which also ensures that no matter how heavy your equipment is, the tripod is comfortable and can be used for long periods.

Portable and Lightweight: A portable design ensures that you can easily carry and use your mini tripods on mobile throughout the day. The ABS Mini makes the tripod exceptionally light and durable.

This gorillapod tripod is perfect for a long day of shooting. Being a camera stand tripod, you can watch your mobile phone or DSLR camera recorded video in a rough and unstable environment. With peace of mind that your tripod will be safe for mobiles, DSLR cameras and mobile phones.

Clasp Lock: A clasp-based lock brings an easy lock and precise angle mechanism to the tripod.

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